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Dear Readers,

Over 20,000 readers have viewed East Side Eddie since the blog’s first post on September 30, 2013!

With deep gratitude, I thank all of you who take a minute from your day to read my articles and my story, Summer in the Waiting Room: How Faith, Family, and Friends Saved My Life. I also appreciate all of your comments.  Keep ’em coming! I always want to hear what you think.

Please take a moment to look back at the five most viewed posts on East Side Eddie

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Until Wednesday…for the next installment of Summer in the Waiting Room. Thanks again for reading!!

Eddie García

August 11, 2014

2 thoughts on “Thanks for Reading!!!

  1. Thank you, Eddie, for bringing back so many memories of living here, on the East side, and also your struggles to make it a better place for a future igeneration who reside here. I had never read your posts before, but, lonce I got started on the first I read, I was hooked. I, by accident, started with “Summer in the Waiting Room”. Now I need to rewind, and start from the beginning of your story. Have already known of your accomplishments through the media over the years on your commitment to the east side, but especially scholastics and sports. Bravo to you. I’m not surprised, because you always had a great attitude, school pride and a friendliness towards everyone. Good luck on your next endeavors in the future. How ironic that I, too, am now having friction with my sister over our parent’s estate as I write this( Mom passed in 1989, Dad last Dec. 22) and that her youngest goes to Mt Pleasant, where Mr. Poizner ripped that school apart. Her other older two went to Silver Creek. I’ve been back on Sunnyslope since 2002 and helped with Dad and Joanne’s kids. Still visit Brenda Salinas’s Mom down the street, and if I’m lucky, Brenda will find time to talk. When we see eachother, it’s like nothing changed…scolding, laughing, arguing, but she’ll always be a true friend to the end. You keep up the great work you’ve been doing. Always show that COMET Pride! Looking forward to reading the other chapters. MEMORIES. Thanks again Eddie. Joey.

    1. Thanks for reading Joey! I appreciate you words of encouragement. I to have great memories of Sunnyslope visiting the Salinas family. I’m sorry to hear about your parents. Hang n there with Joanne…it will all work itself out. Say hi to Jenny and Brenda for me when you see them. Stay tuned every Wednesday. The story will get more interesting about my health. Thanks again!


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