Executive Coach * Blogger * Speaker

Eddie García – May 2017 – San Jose, CA

Career Highlights

President, East Side Union High School District Board of Trustees

Vice President of Local Government Affairs, Comcast of California

Chief of Staff, President’s Office, Santa Clara Co. Board of Supervisors

Founder, Latino Leadership Alliance Leadership Academy & Stanford Summer Leadership Program

Head Basketball Coach, James Lick High School


Do you want to advance in your career, but you’re not quite sure how to do it? Do you want to reach your personal and professional potential? If your answer is yes to both questions, it’s time to INVEST IN YOURSELF! 

I want to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. I was born and raised in a Latino working-class neighborhood and learned how to navigate the competitive world of executive leadership while balancing my career and family. I can teach you what it takes to succeed in life, the corporate executive suite, and the public policy boardroom.

As an experienced executive with a demonstrated history of success in corporate organizations, education, government and politics, and community leadership training and development, I have a combined 30 years experience in the following areas:

*Leadership and Executive Coaching
*Corporate and Nonprofit Organizations
*Education (High School Basketball Coach, Classroom Teacher, School Trustee)
*Corporate Government and Public Relations
*Government and Politics
*Crisis Communications and Media Relations

Let’s connect over a cup of coffee. I would love to hear about your personal and career goals. We’ll work together to develop an individualized plan to realize your dreams!

Contact Info: 408-426-7698 * eddie.m.garcia@comcast.net * @EastsideEddieG

2 thoughts on “Executive Coach * Blogger * Speaker

  1. Hello Mr. Garcia,
    Your story is a very inspiring one, Thank you for sharing. I too grew-up East Side San Jose, single parent house hold. Education was not top on the list of haves too but working hard to earn a living was. I graduated from Overfelt High School (just barely) and went on to college Los Medanos Community College (associate degree) to San Jose State University College (Baccalaureate nursing degree) to Dominican University (Master degree in Nursing) and currently in the Northern Consortium Doctorate of Nursing Degree program expected graduation may 2014.
    My doctorial project is taking me back home to Overfelt High and to your alma mater James Lick High and also to Andrew Hill High . My project stems from a major loss, my son Brandon died in an automobile accident at the young age of 18. As a parent, when you hear the words “I’m sorry” nothing in your background matters. That loss is devastating and you are no longer a nurse — you are entirely a grieving mother. What helped in coming to terms with Brandon’s death was not a career in healthcare or even a life dedicated to patients and families. I found my solace in the conversation my son and I had about organ and tissue donation. It was his last wish that I was able to honor, and his generosity gave the gift of life and quality of life for others.
    This selfless motivation of Brandon’s has become the cause of my life. All of my ability and training — including a nursing degree, license and certification from San José State — is now going into Brandon’s Crossroads Foundation. This nonprofit will give students the information they need to make informed consent as they fill out organ donor cards with their drivers’ licenses starting as young as age 16. The foundation also has a message for parents: Please have the hard conversation with your child about their end of life wishes. It is heart wrenching to think of your child’s mortality, but that conversation is a godsend if that horrible day ever comes.
    The ability to identify with another person is the hallmark of a compassionate caregiver. I empathize deeply with every parent, spouse or loved one who hears the words “I’m sorry.” As a mom who has made the difficult call on tissue donation, and a nurse who has seen the overwhelming gratitude of organ recipients, I know the choice is worth it.
    Title of research project: Intent of High School Hispanic/Latino Adolescents toward Tissue and Organ Donation: A study of the impact of a culturally sensitive educational intervention.
    Foundation website: (note still under construction) Brandonscrossroads.org
    I would lov to connect with you as a fellow native from the East Side returning back (paying it forward) and a Latina professional giving back to ESUHSD.
    Looking forward to hearing from you,

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